​Rachel Starks

Senior Researcher and Research Coordinator, Native Nations Institute

Rachel Rose Starks (Zuni/Navajo), NNI research analyst and coordinator, has nine years experience studying Native governance and social and economic development.
Rachel grew up in the Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico, and learned the importance of a strong education within a capable educational system at an early age. Wanting to see positive change in communities everywhere, she was drawn to the practical application of sociology for the purpose of social and institutional change.
She is co-author of Native Nations and U.S. Borders: Challenges to Indigenous Culture, Citizenship, and Security (with Jen McCormack and Stephen Cornell). She has participated in research on per capita distributions of tribal revenue, comparing the tribal economic changes from 1990-2000 using the U.S. Census, Native arts leadership, border tribes, asset building, tribal justice systems, and Indigenous rural development in Alberta.
Rachel began work at NNI as a graduate student in 2000, and joined the staff in 2005. She has a BA in Sociology from Wheaton College, IL, and MA in Sociology from The University of Arizona.